Morning yoga inspiration <3

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Today’s Inspiration >> hair inspo!

Hair Inspo

Hair Inspo

image image image image image image image image^*photos are not taken by myself and are from various websites

Today these women are my inspiration .Jerry hall and her two beautiful daughters , Lizzy and Georgia May . All three women are so beautiful and so unique . Their beauty so natural and their dress sense inspires . I am trying to grow my hair from a pixie cut to Lizzy’s length ! I know it will be a few years in the making but these photos keep me going . I’m using lots of oils and nourishing masks and I am also eating lots of good fats so hopefully il be at shoulder length in 2016 lol!

Do you have any tips for hair growth or hair Inspo ? If so let me know!

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70’s is full on for Spring Summer

70's Inspirations

70’s Inspirations

image image image image image image image image image image ^all photos are not my own.

I am excited very for Summer . 70’s is my favourite era .

What’s not to love ?! Freedom , sensuality, good music , dancing ,prints , flowing dresses and most of all glamour .

I was attending a work training for Space Nk yesterday in London and I cannot go into too much detail before their SS15 launch but you can guess what the theme is ;)  I will do a further post on the new products as it will be launched after the 10th of Feb .  It was an amazing day of learning about the new launch and how to recreate these looks for customers and staff . It is great to attend because you become so inspired to try different looks and try products you may have not used before !

For 70’s looks find Inspirations from Emilio Pucci who had a fantastic SS show . There is a huge 70’s movement again this  summer with focus on skin , berry stained lips , gold mettalics and very natural looking makeup . Fashion wise we will be seeing flared denim , printed flowing dresses , gold jewellery, chunky platform heels , brown leather boots .. I am too excited !

Listen to some Bee Gees to get up you in the Zone

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Yummy Gf Orange Zest Brownies ..

I decided I would do a quick post on these indulgent brownies because they are so good ! I whipped them up last Saturday as my friends were having a little gathering ! I made them from ” The guilt free gourmet ” by Declan and Jessica Bourke . Declan is a chef and Jessica is a nutritional therapist and together they bring knowledge and taste :)

My mam had gotten this book during the week and they have lovely recipes and are easy to follow .
This is a perfect recipe for a night in and is guilt free :)
I apologise for the lack of photos , I was in a rush and they were all devoured before I could even get a sneaky pic but I will be making them again ..
Now I will be honest it was my first time making them and I have a few little things I would like to adjust for next time around … I think I would like to use coconut oil instead of butter ( or if you are following the recipe it calls for dairy free butter ,I used good ole kerrygold ) . Also I have a super hot oven and they are meant to be very gooey and almost slightly undercooked so I could have taken them out a few minutes earlier ! Since there isn’t much flour you need to keep an eye on them!

Yum :)

Yum :)

image image

You need :

225g dark chocolate ( I used 85% dark choc from Lidl)
1 cup brown rice flour
70g Cocoa powder ( green n black is a great one )
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt ( I used pink Himalayan sea salt )
225g dairy free butter ( I used good quality Kerrygold butter and a bit less about 200g)
1/2 cup Coconut Palm sugar ( Iswari do a great big bag fr better value )
Zest of one orange
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
2/3 cups of slightly toasted pecans ( or walnuts )

To do :
I’ve added a pic with the exact directions :) look above ^^^


Serve hot with some Greek yogurt , vanilla ice cream or dairy free ice cream !

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Wet and Wild purchases !

Wet and wild has been in Ireland for a while but this weekend was the first time I purchased some of their products ! The company hails from Los Angeles and is a funky affordable brand . The company States it does not test on animals and their products are mainly vegan so it’s a great all rounder brand for the environmentally and humanitarian conscious . It can be found in Penneys , Dunnes stores and certain pharmacys around Ireland .

I decided to try 3 lipsticks and 1 lip liner . The lipsticks I chose were the Mega last lip colour in ‘Think Pink’ which is a nice rosey/baby pink , ‘Just Peachy’ which is a coral pink and ‘Bare it all’ which is a brown/nude .

Here is a pic of the tones in this order :

Bare it all , Think pink , Just peachy and willow liner .

Shade swatch

All lipsticks are super matte which is great as they are long wearing (4 hours plus even with tea and coffee ) but one tip I would exfoliate the lips first as I found it did show up the lines and cracks on my lips as they were not hydrated and smooth .. I usually pat a little bit of clear lip balm on top just to keep them hydrated and moisturised . The lipsticks are all infused with natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips. They are also infused with Hyaluronic microspheres which will keep your lips hydrated!

The liner I bought was the Coloricon in ‘Willow’ . Brown and nude lip liners are all the rage since the Kylie Jenner lip saga . I felt this gave a great outline to my lips and it was even really nice by itself drawn in all over the lips and a touch of gloss on top!

I’m really impressed so far and im definitely going back to try the rest of their products ! All four items came to under ten euro , amazing buy for January ;)

Is their any you have tried and would recommend ?


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Quote of the Day.

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”


Béal Bán beach

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Carrot , lemon and ginger Immune boosting Juice!

Juice you say?! In this cold .. It would probably be the last thing you would want to drink ! Now is the time to boost your energy , especially after the busy xmas season and these dark evenings can take a toll on your body mentally and energetically. It’s time to get mind and body fit for the Spring :)

I joined my local yoga and Pilates studio as I was feeling a bit Blaa after the xmas myself so I just want to get that rush of feel good endorphins rushing around my body ! I did a Pilates class on Saturday and let me tell you , I’m still dead :O  it’s a good type of dead though , I’m feeling muscles which hadn’t been used in a while . Anyways I thought I would whip out my Nutribullet and make a juice to boost my energy and my immune system m . Nutribullet is a great investment, it blends , extracts fruits and vegetables and is so easy to use! You can use any juicer although to make this .

My ingredients

My ingredients

Benefits of this Juice: Balances body ph , alkalises blood , boosts energy and immune system . Gives you a Zing :)

Carrots :

Full of Vitamin A . Beta carotene changes to vitamin A in the liver  which travels to the retina and changes to Rhodopsin > aids night vision !

Vitamin C: boosts immune system and protects you from colds .

Vitamin E : healthy cells and skin

B vitamins : aids metabolism and gives you energy .

Ginger : high in antioxidants, anti inflammatory ( great for arthritis) and also prevents colds .

Lemon : alkalises body and blood , full of vitamin C !

So you need :

2-3 carrots washed and chopped to chunks

1 full juice of lemon squeezed

1-2 knobs of ginger peeled

2-3 cubes of ice

500ml of water ( this is just for Nutribullet, if you are using a normal juicer you will not use water but maybe ice if you like your juice super chilled,)

Throw in blender and blend , pour into glass and enjoy :)





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Superfood Kale salad!

We had some kale left over from my Mam’s yoga brunch experiments so I decided to make a high protein superfood salad as I am going to have a long day today :) This salad is enriched with good fats , oils, antioxidants , iron and protein!

Kale is High in iron , vitamin K , fiber and low in fat! Kamut the grain which is used (can be bought in most health food shops) is related to wheat but is known to be far more digestible than wheat. It is high in protein and minerals like zinc ,magnesium and Vitamin K.

Its v easy to make and you can do half the preparing the night before!

I would advise you wash your kale (best brand to buy is Cavolo Nero kale from Fallon n Byrne , very good quality Irish kale ) and chop it up nice and small. Leave in a bowl with a few gulps of olive oil in the fridge over night. This softens the kale and it is easier to digest. Rinse a cup to two cups of kamut grain in a sive and place in a saucepan with water , soak overnight.


  • Kamut grain
  • Cavolo nero kale
  • walnuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • 1-2 oven baked /cooked beetroot
  • 1/2 black /ripe avocado
  • goats cheese /feta cheese
  • 1-2  vine ripe tomatoes
  • Good quality olive oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Himalayan pink sea salt and black pepper

To make :

  • Rinse kamut grain again and place in saucapan with 2 parts water to one part kamut ,bring water to the boil with a pinch of salt and cover and simmer for about 45 mins .
  • Preheat oven to 200f and place one to two beetroot in tinfoil in oven until soft and baked through.
  • when cooked chop into salad. (or can use precooked beet)
  • Take kale out of the fridge and place in a big salad bowl.
  • Chop up one red apple in small pieces and scatter over the kale.
  • crumble some good quality feta or goats cheese over the mix
  • slice the avocado into slices and toss into salad
  • Toast some walnuts and sunflower deeds in a pan on a low heat.
  • Toss into salad .
  • When kamut is cooked mix into salad bowl.
  • Add mixed nuts and seeds and add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar , good amount of olive oil , good amount of good sea salt and pepper.
  • Mix all ingrediants together.

wow what an amazing salad :P


Btw I would like to add I poached an egg for extra protein and threw it on top as I did a super crazy yoga session today.. drizzle some hot chilli sauce on the egg and omg ….

Hope you like it :)

whole goodness


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Wella trend vision 1/9/14

I recently assisted my friend and talented make up artist Aideen j Bates on the Wella trend vision . I was delighted to get the oppurtunity to assist again. These shows are amazing , there is always such a buzz from the hair dressers and stylists. It is basically a hair show to show the upcoming looks, new technology and new advancements in colour!There were several different themes and each make up artist had a group of models. Our  theme was dark and edgy perfect for the upcoming AW..  Here is some pics of our work <3


Getting set up


The stage


Hair prep is on...

Dark plum shimmer lips and dark smokey eyes


Dark eyes with Mac pigment in brows , dark brown lip.

Dark eyes with Copper pigment in brows and plum lips


Dark side lips!


Falsies on the bottom lashes


Stunner! urban queen look

Pastel peachy pink



Pixie look

John Paul Gaultier flashback anyone?!


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Daily meditation <3

something to bring our awareness on today...

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